The Seeds and Bulbs Committee is dedicated to the collection, sale, and donation of local native seeds and bulbs to our members, native plant demonstration gardens and restoration projects.

Our seeds are donated by chapter volunteers from their own gardens or by permission from private or public lands, as well as purchased from local commercial sources and repackaged. We keep track of each seed lot, including the parent plant location for people who are looking for seed that has been collected from specific areas.

Photo credit: Cindy Hazuka


If you have seeds to donate we would love to hear from you! We accept both cleaned and unclean seeds. We'd love photos for this page too!

The Seeds and Bulbs Committee meets several times a year to clean, package, label and organize seeds for sale. These are fun events where you can meet fellow CNPS members and learn about our native plants. Please let us know if you would like to be added to the mailing list to learn about upcoming events.

To donate or help out please email Cindy Hazuka at

Photo credit: Chris Hendrickson


We have small quantities of seeds for over 100 species of Southern California native plants. 

You can see details about the plants in our inventory on our list in Calscape.  You can narrow down what kind of plants you want (sun, water, pollinator, color, size etc.) using the Calscape Advanced Search Tool ( and selecting our nursery: “CNPS San Diego and Imperial Chapter - Seed and Bulb Sales” 

To order:  Click the ORDER button below to make your selection. Shipping is $3.50. Payment accepted by credit card, Paypal, or check.

Local watershed seed lists on request for purchases of more than $25.

If you have any questions you can email

Please note-these seeds are not for restoration purposes.

Cindy Hazuka, Seed and Bulb Coordinator

CNPS-San Diego Chapter

Phacelia parryi & Cryptantha intermedia. Photo by Lee Gordon

Phacelia parryi & Cryptantha intermedia. Photo by Lee Gordon