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· 300+ different species of California native plants: trees, shrubs & perennials

· 100+ different species of California native seeds and bulbs

· Books, posters and merchandise for sale

· Members receive discount on all plants purchased

· Two presentations on native plant basics beginning at 12pm

· Curbside loading with careful assistance

· Ask Me experts to answer your questions

· Secure holding area provided

The California Native Plant Society is a statewide nonprofit organization seeking to increase understanding and appreciation of California's native plants and to preserve them in their natural habitat through scientific activities, education, conservation, and restoration.


The San Diego Chapter serves San Diego and Imperial counties. We invite you to come to our meetings and field trips, learn more about the flora of our state, and meet people who share your interest in native plants. You may email direct general questions about native plants or the chapter to 


Wherever you live, you too can feel more at home if you understand and accept the natural conditions around you.

— Barbara Eisenstein, Wild Suburbia