Mini Grant Project

The San Diego Chapter of CNPS supports small projects that further the Society’s mission of promoting the understanding and appreciation of California's native plants and how to conserve them and their natural habitats. We will consider making small grants, generally ranging from $250 to $500, to benefit native plants in San Diego and Imperial Counties. For questions email

Mini Grant Application (pdf)  
Send a completed application form to the address below for Board consideration of your project.  

CNPS San Diego
P.O. Box 121390
San Diego, CA 92112-1390
Some hints for a successful application:

  • Clearly state how the money will be spent and what you will have to show for it
  • Find a Board member to “champion” your proposal.  You will need someone who will introduce your project and follow up with you as you do the project.
  • Think of a way that you can share your project with the entire chapter, such as a newsletter article or a presentation at a meeting. 


Banner photo by Bobbie Stephenson