Gardening and Landscaping with California Native Plants

Photo credit: John Orcutt

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these materials are for you: they offer information, expert advice and design ideas as well as plant information on a variety of topics. Whether it is a brochure about a particular plant or ideas on how to remove an over-thirsty lawn, look here for one and two-page quick reference guides. 

Living in such a unique area we feel compelled to share information and pool knowledge. Please review these materials and download them as needed. If you have any ideas for further research or more brochures, please send an email to

Aromatic Native Plants (pdf)

Butterflies of San Diego and Their Food Plants (pdf)

Butterfly Larval Food Plants San Diego (pdf)

Butterfly Garden (pdf)

California Floristic Province (pdf)

Ceanothus (pdf)

Clay Soil (pdf)

Easy to Grow (pdf)

Experiments on When and How to Sow Native Annual Wildflowers (pdf)

How to Water Native Plants (pdf)

Lawn Removal (pdf)

Native Bees and Native Plants (pdf)

Native Plant Benefits (pdf)

Our Soils (pdf)

Parking Strip Option 1 (pdf)

Parking Strip Option 2 (pdf)

Perennial Garden (pdf)

Planting Your New Native (pdf)

Processing Seeds of California Native Plants for Conservation, Storage and Restoration (pdf book)

Replacing Ice Plant (pdf)

Slope Planting (pdf)

Some Native Seeds Require Sun to Germinate (pdf)

Watering Natives (pdf)

What are Natives? (pdf)

Wildlife (pdf)