Volunteer Trainees

The group works year round when weather conditions permit. Typically, we will send out an email each weekend for the following week. Each volunteer can then pick day(s) and time(s) that suits them. Lead trainers may be going out several days a week with different volunteer/trainees each day. 

Volunteers work as often as they like and for as long as they like. Some will work twice a week or more. Others drop in once every other week. Some stay for years, others move on after a month. We recognize that individuals have different schedules and interest. All are welcome. 

While restoration is our goal, safety is our top concern. Safety includes people, animals and the environment. Every volunteer will start slowly.  After an orientation we will begin on easy terrain with one weed. From there the individual will progress at their own pace over time. 

Our aim is to help each volunteer reach their own goals, safely. Many volunteers just want to help while learning native plants. Some want to learn invasive weeds. A few go on to get a pesticide license. And a few go on to work projects areas of their own. We provide the resources that can accomplish whichever target you set.

To get involved as a volunteer with the Invasive Plants Committee please email Arne Johnson & Bob Byrnes at invasiveplants@cnpssd.org


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