Gardeners and Landscape Contractors

California's Own Native Landscape Design, Inc.  

Greg Rubin, Landscape Contractor C-27 #717147, Escondido 760-746-6870

Small scale residential through large commercial installations utilizing primarily California native plants since 1986. Design/installations include the Del Mar Thoroughbred Racetrack infield, Lux Art Institute, and the high point native restoration at Ecke Ranch/Leichtag foundation. Greg is the author of two popular books on native horticulture, and was selected as the 2018 Horticulturist of the Year by the San Diego Horticultural Society.

David Clarke Design  

David Clarke, APLD, 619-787-0686

Design of water-wise drought-adapted residential gardens and landscapes that work within our unique Mediterranean climate. Native California species are emphasized where appropriate. The Watershed Approach for irrigation and drainage is key to our design work, as well as the design of comfortable and functional outdoor living spaces. David Clarke Design was founded in 2009 to provide their clients with high-quality and comprehensive landscape design. David is a certified landscape designer, QWEL certified; and a certified Watershed-Wise Landscape Professional (G3).

David Reed Landscape Architects  

David W. Reed, RLA#1962, San Diego. 619-239-3300

David Reed Landscape Architects, founded in 1982, maintains a tradition of excellence in the practice of all aspects of the landscape architecture profession, from large public and municipal work to unique residential gardens. Our creativity and innovative designs continue to result in award winning landscapes with a genuine Spirit of Place.

Kay Stewart Landscape Architect 

RLA#2967, San Diego. 619-234-2668

Merging nature and structure in custom landscapes to evoke our regional identity, attract wildlife, save water, and for personal aesthetics. Design concerns also include creating enjoyable spaces, addressing fire safety, and appropriate irrigation, in residential projects, with award‑winning landscapes ranging in size from townhomes to a few acres.

Kelly Grn Native Landscape Living Co.

John Corning, C27#976119 Encinitas, (760) 500-2553, 

John provides superior installation of Southern California landscapes. Kelly Grn specializes in using California Native plants to create a low maintenance, drought tolerant landscape that supports local ecology and wildlife. We offer landscape conceptual design plans and 3D renderings to bring our clients the best illustration of comfort, beauty and sustainability.

Ocean Sage Landscaping

Dave Buchanan, Landscape Contractor, C-27#692220 Encinitas, 760-942-9254. 

Dave Buchanan thinks for birds, reptiles and even insects, but he designs for humans, especially those striving for a sense of season, water economy, sensuality and year-round beauty. Since 1985, Dave has conceived, installed, maintained, and consulted about native gardens of all sizes and venues. His plantings live. His designs thrive.

Vince Scheidt, Certified Revegetation Planner 858-336-7106,

Specializes in habitat restoration and revegetation of natural areas. Has worked on dozens of Code Compliance and Grading Violation habitat restoration projects throughout San Diego County. The intent is always to restore vegetation to be entirely self-sustaining.

SoCal Nativescapes / Plants Comprehensive

Scott Jones, Natives Designer-Contractor, C27# 893456, 619-223-5054,

Covering design, demo, installation, irrigation, upkeep, appropriate water management, attractive habitat creation and restoration, soil conditions, fire concerns, pruning/lacing/shaping/grooming, problem diagnosis and resolution, consulting, insects, diseases, plant identification, grafting, and more!


Updated September 2017


Banner photo by Barbara Hebel