Maps in this Booklet

Please refer to pages ______ for and ______ for, etc...

Mapping by Phone to the Gardens

-To save you the time of having to enter addresses into your phone navigation this year you can go to our website map page by putting the following magic URL into your phone browser:

-NOTE: Your phone will need the Google Maps application installed if you plan to use the navigation feature of the maps.

-Once you are at our website, click the button on our site that says Take Me to the Garden Tour Map. Your phone (or computer) will open up a map in its browser with all points for all tour stops. You can click on any of these points to bring up a description and address of the garden and you will be able to click (scrolling in some cases) View in Google Maps to take you to navigation for that site.

-To see only particular sections of the tour like Coastal, Inland, Public Gardens etc, click on the map name either at bottom of phone or listed as Legend on the right to pull up checkboxes so that you can check or uncheck to select which portions of the tour you wish to view. Happy navigations!

Mapping by Print Directions

Copies of print directions to the gardens are available at all Tour check-in points listed on page _____.

A big thank you to the dedicated member of the CNPS-SD Garden Committee who created the maps for the Tour both in this booklet and online as described above!