Create Beauty with California Natives:

Learn from the Best!

DATE: Saturday, September 16, 2017, 9:00am - 3:30pm

LOCATION: On the campus of First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego, 298 West Arbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92103

PRICE: $40 includes lunch and coffee and muffins in the morning

Join us for a day of speaker presentations with field experts. Learn how to:

* Successfully plant and maintain native gardens
* Encourage sustainable native habitats for birds, insects, butterflies and other animals. 
* Use local resources for both new and experienced native gardeners

There will be five sequential sessions including both general and concurrent breakout sessions. Lunch will be served at 12:30pm. 

The keynote speaker, Greg Rubin, CEO of California's Own Native Landscape Design, Inc., will be delivering a comprehensive talk on native plant installation. Greg, a local expert on native gardens, is the coauthor of two well-received native gardening books, with a third book in the works. Mike Evans, President of Tree of Life Nursery, will present a session entitled "Ugly Is Not a Turf Replacement"-How to build native gardens we can enjoy being in, rather than collections of drought tolerant plants we can only look at. And Susan Krzywicki, California Native Garden Design Consultant and former horticultural director of CNPS, will deliver the closing address, "The Greatest Reason in the World to Cultivate Your Native Garden NOW".

Break-out presentations: "DIY-Successes & Challenges of Self-Installing a Native Garden and Lessons Learned Along the Way", "Making Butterfly Habitat using Native Plants and Other Things", "Using Permaculture to Restore Degraded Land and Grow the Foods of the Future", and "Growing Native Plants and Wildflowers from Seed".

Throughout all sessions attendees will learn of the far-reaching benefits of using native horticulture. These benefits include low-water use, low maintenance, and providing habitat for native wildlife including birds and other pollinators.

*Lunch is included with your ticket purchase as well as coffee and muffins in the morning. 

*Timing is perfect: one month in advance of our annual Balboa Park Native Plant Sale. You'll have time to plan your garden or additions in advance of that sale.

*Select plants and seeds will be available for purchase at the workshop as well as books and other educational materials for you to take home and enhance the day's knowledge.

This is a sustainable event. Please bring a refillable water bottle. We will have water available throughout the day.

We encourage carpooling! Come early for good parking. 
Free parking is included but the closest spaces are limited.     

REFUNDS: We do not offer refunds. However, your registration is transferable to another person.


8:15 Check-in begins

9:00 Greg Rubin “The California Native Landscape-Threats and Solutions Explored”

10:30 Break-out Sessions:

Chuck Poland "DIY-Successes & Challenges-Self-Installing a Native Garden and Lessons Learned Along the Way"

Lee Gordon and Lorraine Kelley "Growing Native plants and Wildflowers from Seed"

11:30 Mike Evans "Ugly is not a Turf Replacement" 

12:30 Lunch

1:30 Break-out Sessions: 

Alden Hough "Using Permaculture to Restore Degraded Land and Grow the Foods of the Future"

Dr. Gordon Pratt "Making Butterfly Habitat Using Native Plants and Other Things"

2:30 Susan Krzywicki "The Greatest Reason in the World to Cultivate Your Native Garden NOW"