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Volcan Mountain Rare Plant Survey

Volcan Mountain.jpg

PLANT KNOWLEDGE: Amateur botanist +, Professionals always welcome!
ACCESS: Open to all [This event only], no charge
[SEVERE WEATHER CANCELS EVENT - Temps over 95F (32C) or Storm Warnings]

Having taken August off due to the heat, I considered waiting out September as well. However, an email chain from the Volcan Mountain Foundation brought an interesting opportunity in front of us: Surveying a restricted access montane preserve.

The Volcan Mountain Nature Center and trails above it, protected by the Preserve, are about as wild as the Peninsular Range gets so close to civilization. As such, there have been few botanical surveys on the mountain. We aim to add more, starting this summer and following up over the years ahead. This field trip will focus on providing CNPS survey protocol survey data to the Foundation's records as well as other partnering organizations like the NAT, CDFW via CNDDB, and CalFlora via iNat. We might be doing collections on the mountain where permitted.

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Later Event: September 3
Conservation Committee Meeting