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Mission Trails - Fortuna Peak Resolutions Hike

PLANT KNOWLEDGE: Beginner to Novice, Professionals always welcome!
ACCESS: Open to all, no charge

2019 is promising to be one heck of a roller coaster ride and the best way to start that off is to begin hard and fast so the rest of the year doesn't look so bad. For anyone looking to check off one of the Fortuna peaks on the Mission Trails 5 peak challenge, this may be the hike for you. (The hike will probably not last seven hours, but I've provided plenty of buffer in case our pacing slows significantly)

This hike aims to do three things: 1) Help identify and classify native and non-native vegetation communities and their relative sensitivity to urban encroachment, 2) Point out a few of the rare plants found in and around San Diego, even though many will not be in bloom, and 3) Get your new years resolution checked off so that you can get over regretting having made it in the first place. This is a hike with a high difficultly due to the elevation gain and distance we are planning to cover. It is not going be like our normal trips where we stop to identify each native plant that catches our eyes, but I will (try to) answer any questions about those species that interest you along the way.

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