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Native Plant Gardens: The Genetic Code

with Bob Perry, Professor Emeritus Cal Poly Pomona, Academician, Author, Landscape Architect

Designing native plant gardens can be organized in many facets including science, form, function and art. Taken together, Bob Perry has found the challenge of designing a native plant garden to be quite overwhelming. This challenge has been made easier, but not simple, by spending years studying plant ecology, morphology, physiology, principles and elements of are, and design form. He is still imprinted by my early years in landscape architecture with two axioms: ‘Design is a Process’, and ‘Form follows Function’.  Today, he has come to the view that he has been learning how to write a story. A story that is called: ‘My Native Plant Garden’. He looks forward to sharing his story.

Robert Perry is Professor Emeritus of Landscape Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona. His academic career began in 1972 and still continues today. During this time he has taught in the UCLA Extension Program in Landscape Architecture, Landscape Architecture Studies at USC, and at Cal Poly University Pomona. His career has been focussed on the study of plants and water conservation. Bob has written two previous books on landscape plants and water conservation including: Trees and Shrubs for Dry California Landscapes, 1980, and Landscape Plants for Western Regions, 1992. His latest effort, Landscape Plants for California Gardens, continues in this tradition. This latest book greatly expands the scope of coverage and thoroughness of photography.

Bob has been a licensed landscape architect since 1972 and has actively participated in many professional projects where his expertise on California native plants and landscapes for water conservation has been applied and refined. He continues to be an active proponent of resource conservation in landscapes through teaching, writing, public speaking and professional work.


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Planting Natives in Containers

Speaker: Sue Marchetti


7:00pm-7:30pm: A time for discussion, camaraderie, visiting, and enjoying the sales table.