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FIELD TRIP: Guatay Mtn-Tecate Cypress Grove & Rare Plant List

5+ miles DIFFICULTY: Moderate to Difficult
PLANT KNOWLEDGE: Botanical Experience required

Easter is on April Fools Day this year and we're going to head up to Guatay Mountain in the Cleveland National Forest for our very own Easter egg hunt! The April Fool's is that the eggs are rare plants and there's no guarantee they will be in bloom. Jenny Moore, the Forest Botanist for the Forest Service will assist leading us to the top of the mountain for a great view of East County San Diego. This hike is open to any professionals who have collected before and know how to key rares and log them into the SD Plant Atlas / iNaturalist. Apologies to any who are just learning the ropes, this area is very sensitive and a portion of the trip will be off trail in sensitive habitat, so the discussions and rules will be very technical. Experienced California Native Plant Society (CNPS) members and professional biologists are highly encouraged to attend.

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