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FIELD TRIP: Otay Mountain Truck Trail

• What we'll do
MODERATE hiking, MODERATE to EASY off road driving
PLANT KNOWLEDGE: Beginner to some expert terms.

In the Southern-most part of our State, so close to Baja, rising above the houses of EastLake and East TJ - lies a bastion of chaparral covered slopes that is home to hundreds of native plant species, over 50 of which in the vicinity have been classified as rare. We'll head up in our trucks to stop at many short hikes into the chaparral to find a motley assortment of native California flora. Otay Mountain doesn't just have it's own rare endemics, but is also within the loop of Northern Baja species that aren't really known to come any further north into the US. I'm excited to see many species for the first time, so if you've been up here before and have special knowledge about the wilderness area, come enlighten everyone! Anyone who has experience with Baja species that occur on both sides of the map is certainly welcome - Baja members of CNPS, perhaps?

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