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California Native Bees and their Pollen Plants

  • Casa del Prado, Room 101 1600 Village Place San Diego, CA, 92101 United States (map)

with Hartmut Wisch, retired Naturalist Guide

An illustrated talk that will explore the great diversity of bees that have co-evolved with California's native flora. Approximately 1600 bee species are known to be native to California. Some bees are generalists pollinating a variety of flowers from different plant families, others are more specialized. This informative talk featuring beautiful images of our native bees will cover the six recognized families of bees (Anthophila) extant in California. 

Hartmut Wisch led European visitors through natural areas of the U.S. and Canadian West for 35 years. After retiring, Hartmut discovered a love for macro photography. His principal interest are insects, mostly our native bees. He has taken several bee identification classes with Robbin Thorp, is a member of the Lorquin Entomological Society, and a contributing editor at Bugguide (hosted by Iowa State U. Entomology).


Annika Nabors.jpg

Living in the (Landscape) Matrix: Pollinator-Native Plant Relationships in Southern California

with Annika Nabors

7:00pm-7:30pm: A time for discussion, camaraderie, visiting, and enjoying the sales table.