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Field Trip: San Elijo Lagoon and Annie's Canyon

From Rios, the trail travels along the hillside showing coastal sage scrub disturbed by many invasive species, but there are three other very interesting communities available for the hike. The coastal salt marsh of San Elijo lagoon has a nice trail alongside with benches. It's mostly Juncus  and Suaeda but it should be great for the Nuttall's Snapdragon too. Annie's Canyon is more like a sandstone seaside cliff, with thousands of Dudleya edulis and a few shrubs and trees.  Finally, the trail continues on past Annie's Canyon up alongside the freeway to a hilltop (Solana Hills Trail) where there is a fine example of Southern maritime chaparral. Arctostaphylos glandulosa ssp crassifolia, Ceanothus verrucosus, Comarostaphylos diversifolia ssp. diversifolia and maybe Corthrogyne filagnifolia var loinifolia (all 1B.1) are up there...

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