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Lilies and Relatives in the Laguna and Cuyamaca Mountains

Late spring is a good time to take a look for lilies and their relatives. Join us on a trip to the Laguna and Cuyamaca Mountains and be introduced by CNPS-SD Rare Plant Botanist, Fred Roberts, to a number of these species. The trip will make three stops: on the Sunrise Highway and SR 79, including a stop at the meadows at the information kiosks near the southern Cleveland National Forest boundary (Sunrise Highway); Inspiration Point (SR 79); and on a rocky knoll just north of Cuyamaca Lake. Among the species we hope to see: Allium amplectens (paper onion), Brodiaea terrestris ssp. kernensis(dwarf brodiaea), Calochortus albus (white-fairylantern), C. dunnii (Dunn’s mariposa), C. invenustus (shy mariposa), C. splendens (splendid mariposa), C. weedii (Weed’s mariposa), and Toxicoscordion venenosum (meadow death camas), and perhaps a few others. Expect other pretty wildflowers as well. It should be a good year for it...


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