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Old Town Planting Party is Postponed Due to Concerns over Hepatitis-A Risk in San Diego County

The annual November planting in the Old Town Native Plant Landscape is postponed to December. There is a chance of Hepatitis-A contamination, and the virus can survive at least two months in the soil. We don’t want our volunteers to risk exposure to the virus when they are digging holes. 

If you are vaccinated against Hep-A, and want to join a planting party on Saturday, December 11, please email Kay at by the end of November. We will scale the planting in December to fit the size of the vaccinated planting team.

If you are not vaccinated yet, and want to volunteer here, or in other urban parks, vaccination is easy, safe and cheap. Vaccinations can be arranged with your physician and/or are available free of charge through a county health clinic. More info on clinics here: