Visit the San Diego County Fair Pollinator Trail!

Where can you find some peace and quiet after a long day at the San Diego County Fair?

Why, at The Pollinator Trail, of course!

Across the nation, pollinators are disappearing. The Pollinator Trail exhibit at the county fair provides San Diegans with a look at how they can help pollinators like butterflies, bumble bees and hummingbirds thrive. This year, the exhibit overlaps with National Pollinator Week, June 19 – 25, 2017, which aims to create awareness about the importance and plight of our pollinators.

Exhibit Details: For the third year, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will be one of several partners with the San Diego Pollinator Alliance to host the Pollinator Trail exhibit at the San Diego County Fair. The exhibit has several components to help the public learn and experience what can be done for pollinators at an apartment, house or garden. This includes three large native gardens, an example of a pollinator patio garden, a live honeybee exhibit and the Butterfly Flight House where visitors can come face to face with live flying butterflies.

The Pollinator Trail is located at the Farm (the infield of the track at the fairgrounds) and is ongoing from June 2 to July 4 at the San Diego County Fair.

Background: Pollinators are critical for our food supply, and they’re in trouble. Take the monarch butterfly for example: over the last 20 years, populations of monarch butterflies in North America have declined nearly 80 percent. Conserving pollinators and their habitat has positive cascading effects leading to conservation of other animals like songbirds and mammals. Pollinator habitat adds beauty to any setting with its vibrant displays of flowers and by attracting insects, birds, and other wildlife.

Our well-being depends on healthy animals. Pollinators are responsible for 75 percent of our food supply, and one of every three bites of food we eat. Pollinators also support healthy ecosystems that clean the air, improve water quality, reduce soil erosion, flood protection and support other wildlife.

Join us at the Pollinator Trail to celebrate pollinators, walk the butterfly house, or learn about helping pollinators thrive.

The Pollinator Trail is a joint exhibit presented by:
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Natural Resource Conservation Service
Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego County
The Butterfly Farms
California Native Plant Society - San Diego Chapter
Sky Mountain Permaculture Institute

For more information about the exhibit, visit: http://www.rcdsandiego.org/san_diego_county_fair_pollinator_garden.aspx