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Invasive Plants



Caulerpa Brochure (pdf) - Brochure with pictures of the nine species of Caulerpa (an invasive seaweed) that are banned in California.

Information Sources

Beautiful But Bad, Pretty Plant Pests - Article and photos by Jon P. Rebman, Curator of Botany, San Diego Natural History Museum.

California Invasive Pest Plant Council (Cal-IPC) - Based in Berkeley, the California Invasive Pest Plant Council (Cal-IPC) is dedicated to finding solutions to problems caused by non-native pest plants invading the state's natural areas.

Invasive Plant Resource Guide - Developed by the Center for Invasive Plant Management, the online "Invasive Plant Resource Guide" is a reference for materials (fact sheets, handbooks, booklets, etc.) that support invasive plant management and education. The materials cover a wide array of topics ranging from weed management strategies to natural resources to "working with people" skills. For each item, a description is provided as well as a link to the source. Most items are available for download or in hard copy at no cost.

Invasive Weeds and Escaped Exotics - CNPS Los Angeles Chapter page with information and pictures of common invasive and exotic weeds present in California. - This is a gateway to Federal and State activities and programs for all types of invasive species -- plants, animals, and other organisms (e.g., microbes such as the West Nile virus).

Santa Margarita and San Luis Rey Watersheds Weed Management Area - The Santa Margarita and San Luis Rey Watersheds Weed Management Area was formed to provide support, coordination, and funding for management of invasive plants within the Santa Margarita and San Luis Rey watersheds in San Diego and Riverside Counties.  This local group maintains a website with information about target plants as well as distribution maps, control projects, and control methods in order to organize eradication efforts and ensure that control sites are not re-infected by upstream sources.

The Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council's Invasive Plant Monitoring and Outreach Program

University of California Cooperative Extension County of San Diego, Regional Advisor on Invasive Plants - County based website providing more information on controlling invasive weeds, protecting agriculture and natural resources.

University of California Cooperative Extension Weed Research and Information Center (WeedRIC) - Housed on the UC Davis campus, the Weed Research and Information Center’s mission is to foster research in weed management and facilitate distribution of knowledge gained for the benefit of agriculture and the preservation of natural resources.

Alternatives to Invasive Plants

Southern California Don’t Plant a Pest Brochure, Invasives and Alternatives (pdf)

Native Substitutes for Plants in the Landscape (pdf)

Native Alternatives to Weedy Exotics (pdf)

Invasive Species Reports

2005-06 Biennial Report on the Biological Control of Cape-ivy Project with Appendices A & B

Cape Ivy Project Annual Report - 2004 (pdf)

Yellow star thistle--October 2000

Giant Salvinia Invasion--December 1999

Cape ivy (Delairea odorata) funding needed--December 1999

“Results of basal bark application of Garlon 4 on Tree of Heaven by Mike Kelly” (pdf)

“Drilling as a tool for controlling Eucalyptus, Palms and other Invasive Trees by Mike Kelly” (pdf)



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