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California has the richest flora of any state in the nation, and one of the most interesting and diverse in the world. Of the 6300 plants that are native to California, over one-third are endemic -- they grow naturally nowhere else. Our flora is under increasing pressures from urbanization, agriculture, recreation, pollution, and introduced plants and animals. Biological diversity is essential to the health of our planet, and the great variety of California's plant species is a critical component. Thoughtful conservation planning depends on education and an understanding of our flora. Growing California natives is one way to develop an appreciation of its beauty and diversity.

Before choosing plants for your garden, observe them in their natural habitats, and in preserves, botanical gardens, and home gardens. Compare the natural conditions where they grow in the wild with those in your yard. Groups plants with similar needs. Combinations of plants in nature can be an inspiration for your own garden.

***New Book***
Southern California Native Plants for School and Urban Gardens

by Betsey Landis
Downloadable in 4 pdf's
Part 1 (5.32M pdf)
Part 2
(5.02M pdf)
Part 3
(4.53M pdf)
Part 4
(4.20M pdf )

Places to See California Natives Growing

Canyoneer Nature Walks (San Diego Natural History Museum)
CNPS Field Trips
Parks & Reserves
Public Gardens
Self Guided Tours - Oceanside

California Native Plants for Your Garden

California Native Plant Profiles - with links to one page informational pdf's with photos
Natives for Dry Shade -(pdf)
Native Plants for Water Gardens -- an article
How to Restore an Iceplant Covered Hillside in San Diego
- (pdf)

Easy To Grow California Native Plants For San Diego County  - (pdf)

The Twelve Most Wanted Native Shrubs - (pdf) Environment Southwest, 1972  

Gardening With Natives
***new*** Butterflies of San Diego County and some of their food sources (pdf)
Butterfly List with pictures
City of San Diego's Street Tree Selection Guide
Why Grow Natives?

Native Plant Landscaping Services in San Diego County
Native Substitutes for Plants in the Landscape - (pdf)

Southern California Donít Plant a Pest Brochure, Invasives and Alternatives - (pdf)

Landscaping with Natives in San Diego (pdf) Pacific Horticulture, by Greg Rubin, July 2007

How to Take Care of California Native Plants

Pruning Native Shrubs
Guidelines for Growing California Natives

Places to Buy Natives

Annual Plant Sales
Native Plant Nurseries
Sources for California Native Seeds and Bulbs

Other Resources

Books on Gardening with Natives
Starting a School Garden -- Why, where to begin, and how to find out more.


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