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Your Backyard Wildlife Preserve
A Refuge for You and Other Wildlife
Del Mar Fair 2001

This award-winning project was a collaboration of many participants.
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Drawing of plan for Native Plant Garden, click for larger version
See larger version of plan (104K) and plant list.

Exhibit Concept

This demonstration back yard native plant garden shows how to invite San Diego's wild birds, butterflies, and other interesting small wild creatures into anyone's daily life.

Planting trees, flowers, shrubs, and vines that are native to Southern California creates a magnet for native animals, which recognize in these plants familiar, safe food and shelter. It's wonderful to watch birds snacking on berries in your own native shrubs and trees and see butterflies sipping nectar from fragrant native sage.

By providing water and appropriate nesting sites, wildlife can set up housekeeping and the fun begins! The excitement of seeing baby birds learning to fly or seeing a beautiful butterfly emerge from its chrysalis is fun for people of all ages. A jewel-like dragonfly at your pond is delightful. With only a little space, even just a patio with potted plants, a backyard wildlife habitat can be created.

A garden with the four elements of food, shelter, water and places to raise young can become certified along with thousands of other gardens nationwide. Every person who becomes a host for wildlife helps to connect the web of life-support systems for wildlife.

Aside from the sheer joy of seeing creatures at close range, a garden with plants native to the region also will require less irrigation. After the baby plants are established in their new home, they will be easy to care for, so you will have more time to watch critters.

People who want to share their backyard with our beautiful San Diego natural heritage can find books, publications, groups, nurseries and manufacturers to help them create their own nature preserve. Your backyard can become a refuge for you (and other wildlife!) to share together in the seemingly endless summer and the long mild winters we enjoy in San Diego.

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